Tips To Make Your Candles Last Longer

Tips To Make Your Candles Last Longer

There is no doubt that lit candles create a special kind of ambiance. However, the length of time a candle will burn is dependent on a number of different factors. If you are seeking ways to get the most out of your candles, these tips should help you extend the burning time of a candle.

Follow These Tips To Keep Your Candles Lit Longer

1. The Importance Of The First Burn

The first time you light a new candle is critical in terms of the lifespan of that particular candle. The correct way to do it is to allow the burning wick to melt wax almost to the edge of the candle before you blow it out. Let the melted wax set completely before you move the candle.

2. Keep The Wick Trimmed

A long wick will cause the candle to burn quickly. This is why it is a good idea to trim the wick whenever it gets too long. The preferred length is about a quarter-inch above the wax on an unlit candle. You may need to trim it before each use in order to slow the candle burn.

3. A Still Candle Burns Longer

Too much air movement not only causes a candle to flicker, but that flickering action will also speed up the burn of that candle. By carefully choosing placement, avoiding open windows, vents or any other draft or breeze, the candle will burn at a normal rate.

4. Keep Away From Flammable Objects

Although it probably goes without saying, do not burn a candle near objects or materials that may catch fire. Not only will this speed the burning of the candle, but it can also obviously be very dangerous. Always think of safety first before setting a candle on a surface.

5. Do Not Burn Candles Long

Candles perform best if they are not burned for extended periods of time. In other words, you should not burn one for longer than a few hours. Leaving a lit candle unattended is also to be avoided. Letting it burn to the bottom of the candle holder can cause soot to develop.

6. Store Them When Not In Use

Remember, candles are made from wax. Storing them in warm places can cause candles to bend and warp. In order to extend the life of a candle by up to twice as long as it normally would last, you can store it in the freezer at least one day before lighting it.

7. Scented Candles Can Be Used Unlit

Scented candles are useful even when they are not burning. If you have one you either don’t intend to use or have not used for some time, you can place it in the back of a dresser drawer or wardrobe. That way you can freshen up an area that could use a new scent.

8. Read The Instructions

This is another one of those obvious tips but sometimes you have to be reminded to read any instructional labels that are either on the candle or the container it came from. Different types of candles require different burning and care instructions. Read them to be sure.

9. Avoid Burning Candles Near Children Or Pets

A lit candle should be considered as a danger in any area where children or pets can get to it. Even if both are on their best behavior, one wrong move can result in a burn or possibly a fire. If adult supervision is unavailable, do not burn a candle where children or pets are present.

10. Once A Candle Is Lit, Leave It

Moving a lit candle not only presents a number of dangers, with the possibility of spilling hot wax or the candle falling and catching something on fire, the movement will speed up the burn. Much like a breeze or draft, moving a candle with cause the flame to flicker and burn faster.

11. Snuff The Candle Out

Blowing a candle out after use doesn’t always completely extinguish the flame. When you snuff it out, you reduce the oxygen required for a flame to survive. When you blow on a candle, it could reignite which would burn more of the candle shortening its lifespan.


It is not hard to maintain a longer burn with any candle. All you need to know is a few simple tricks that will allow you to enjoy that candle for a much longer period of time.

Keep in mind that the materials used in the composition of the candle will also be a factor. However, with these tips, you will be able to enjoy the ambiance a candle produces for a longer time.