Candle Fire Safety Tips

Candle Fire Safety Tips-1

Candles are easy to use and provide not just illumination but also create an interesting ambiance. If you are a romantic and are seeking a unique way to set the mood, candles are one of the most inexpensive ways to do this. However, you have to be careful to not start a fire with one.

Here are a few fire safety tips that should come in handy.

Fire Safety Tips When Using Candles

1 – Use A Heat Resistant Surface

When you place a candle somewhere in a room or other location, be sure that the flat surface they are sitting on is heat resistant. This will prevent melting or the possibility of a fire igniting. Remember… electronics, including your television, are not heat resistant.

2 – Always Use A Candle Holder

Not only will a candle holder keep the candle in an upright position, it provides a layer of protection between the candle and the surface the candle holder is sitting on. Some candle holders will also collect melted wax preventing damage to surfaces. Others with high sides can also prevent any breeze from causing the flame to flicker, which can help the candle to last longer and also be a safer option.

3 – Keep Candles Away From Curtains

Any type of flammable material should be a safe distance away from a burning candle. This includes curtains, blinds, lamps, clothing, etc. Also be sure that the candle is stable in position so that it won’t be knocked over in a breeze and land on furniture or carpeting which could start a fire.

4 – Do Not Put Candles Under Shelves

Although you should always place a burning candle on a flat surface, that surface should not be under a shelf. The average candle produces a great deal of heat and the flame can damage the underside of shelving. A simple guide is to provide at least three feet of clearance.

5 – Beware Of Clothing And Hair

Another safety tip comes from watching what you wear when you are putting a candle out. Not only can your clothing catch fire, if your hair is long and you lean over the candle, it can also ignite. Candles are great but they must be treated with respect at all times.

6 – Space Candles Apart

It is always a good idea to keep some space between candles. If they are too close, sometimes one or more candles can melt into each other, becoming a much larger flame than expected. If you keep candles at least four inches apart, you reduce the risk of this happening.

7 – Different Candles Require Different Guidelines

Many votive and scented candles turn to liquid in order to release their fragrance. Because of this it is important to place these kinds of candles in a glass or metal candle holder. The hot liquid can burn skin and could possibly ignite a fire if it comes into contact with flammable surfaces.

8 – Burn Candles In A Well-Ventilated Space

Air exchange is crucial when burning candles. As they require oxygen to burn, when you have several candles burning in a small, closed in room you risk removing oxygen from that space. With ventilation fresh air can continue to flow into the area with the candles.

9 – Don’t Rely On Candles In A Power Outage

Flashlights are your best friend when the power goes out. That’s because a burning candle can result in an injury or a fire when handled in the darkness of an evening power outage. Battery-powered lighting sources can be a far better and safer option in these instances.

10 – Keep Candles Away From Children And Pets

An open flame is a dangerous thing, even if it happens to be on the end of a candle. This is why you should not use one in the presence of children or pets. A candle can easily be knocked off a table from a wagging tail or a child bumping into the table. Think safety first.

11 – Trim The Wick And Watch The Wax

If you keep the wick of a candle trimmed to about a quarter-inch, you will keep the size of the flame reduced. This will also eliminate a high buildup of melted wax. Both can contribute to fires and other damage if not kept under control prior to lighting the candle.

Be Safe By Being Careful When You Use Candles

Candles serve many purposes and as long as you follow general fire safety guidelines, you will be able to enjoy lit candles for a long time. When in doubt, read the instructions that come with the candles to be sure that you are taking the correct precautions before lighting your candle.