Best Blanket Storage Ideas

Blanket Storage Ideas

Quilts and blankets are a great way to stay warm in winter. During the summer, some of the blankets do not need to be used – and hence have to be stored.

Rather than squeezing them into an already overcrowded closet, or storing them out of site under your bed, you could turn the challenge around and transform your home. Storage of blankets can be turned into a form of art.

There are quite a few blanket storage ideas to keep the extra sheets, quilts, blankets and duvets safe and clean… here we will look at some of the best storage solutions.

Why Should You Store Blankets Creatively?

There are four main reasons why you should use creativity to come up with blanket storage solutions.

  1. It creates space and helps make the room look neat.
  2. The resulting organized room is good for physical and mental health.
  3. Having extra blankets around the house is helpful for when guests come around.
  4. Small rooms (especially those in studio apartments) can be made to appear bigger with good use of the space available.

Blanket Storage Solutions

Here are some excellent blanket storage and display ideas for 2020.

A Blanket Ladder

A blanket ladder is most commonly constructed by using a pair of wooden or metal bars with rungs that run across them… thus giving it the look of a regular ladder. The main difference is that you may not use a blanket ladder to scale up walls, as you would a regular ladder.

A blanket ladder is used to hang blankets, duvets or quilts and display them prominently in almost any room. Blanket ladders are designed in a way to enhance cleanliness and good use of space.

Why Use a Blanket Ladder?

This is one of the best blanket storage solutions because:

Blanket ladders bring out the patterns in the quilts or blankets, adding an artistic feel into the room. Ladders can be excellent blanket display ideas
They are cheaper than most storage furniture
Most blanket ladders can be moved with ease
They occupy very little space within the house.

Disadvantages of Blanket Ladders

The use of a blanket ladder for storage can result in the accumulation of dust on duvets and quilts
If there are kids or pets in the house, they could tamper with blanket ladders or try to climb them
Some blanket ladders are unstable – and hence may topple under the weight of the garments.

The Blanket Storage Box

A blanket storage box can be a better alternative for storing blankets and other dry clothes. Unlike the ladder, the items to be stored are kept inside the box, away from dust and out of sight.

Not all boxes are created equal. There are several types of boxes. They vary depending on the:

  • Material used
  • The color
  • The box design
  • Price

Just as in the other blanket storage ideas, there are advantages and drawbacks of using blanket boxes for storage.


It creates space even in small rooms. The boxes can be placed in one of the rooms and can be used to store several blankets among other items.
It ensures the safety and cleanliness of clothes, blankets and linen. Since they have a lid (some are even lockable), they keep clothes clean (and safe from pets and pests).
It protects the blankets and other clothing from vagaries of nature like extreme humidity and mold.
Blanket storage boxes can be stacked up on top of one another, preserving space and order. They can also be labelled for easy access.


It is hard to travel with them since they can be heavy.
They do not add as much to the décor compared to blanket ladders.
Boxes take up space if there are too many of them.

A Hanging Quilt Rack

Hanging quilt racks are wall hangings that display a colorful quilt with a simple style. A rack with a quilt is usually pretty, and it comfortably accommodates blankets and other things such as towels or scarves.

Most racks are eye-catching and beautiful to behold.

They differ from blanket ladders in that the racks are generally fixed to a wall. They can have a shelf over the top as well as multiple rungs to hand your quilts.


Racks can have a variety of looks, including modern through to designed with a rustic flair, which gives you the option to match or enhance the look of any space.
They reduce the accumulation of dust in the clothes and the duvets, compared to tall blanket ladders.
They are gorgeous to look at.


Unlike blanket ladders, hanging quilt racks quite often only have a single rung, so storage is limited.


Rather than stuffing blankets into your closet, ladders, boxes and racks can be excellent blanket storage ideas. By displaying your blankets on ladders or racks, you can transform your room by giving it a much more inviting and warm feeling. And rather than using a plain boring plastic box, why not try a decorative blanket box to add a touch of style to your home.

There is no limit to how creative you can be when it comes to storage ideas. What are some creative solutions and ideas you have for blanket storage? Please share below…

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